Kevlamin "meat"

My axe is bigger than your head Halfling,do not test my patience


Human Male Fighter

Age:22 Weight:220 Height:6’3

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Str:17 Dex: Con:15 Int: Wis: Cha:8

HP:20 AC:


Greataxe Dmg:1d8+4 Crit-x3

Shortbow Dmg:


Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack,


Language Common, Elvin, Draconic,


I have always been alone, and solitude has served me well. I don’t remember much of my family all I remember is being rigorously trained by my father to protect anyone I care for it did not serve him well in the end. One night I was away on a hunt and to earn a few coins, I returned home and found my father’s corpse twisted on the floor, before I could react, a creature jumps out and grappled me, to this day I don’t know what happened, I awoke at an inn in a small town my face was horribly scarred from the creature apparently.

I met a blacksmith by craft warrior by trade at this town he claimed to have been a high-ranking fighter a master of his art, for years I trained with this man learning how to be a great fighter and to avenge my father and whatever creature did this to me. I started adventuring shortly after, I found I needed coin to aid in my search and just as well I heard a scholar was in need of some help I began my travels that day not knowing where it would lead but knowing I would have my vengeance.

Day 1- I have met the party in which I will be traveling with, A hardy Dwarve Cleric “Rick Ross” an odd name for one such as a dwarf, an elven Druid “Flynne” I believe she called herself and her companion “Mr. Fancy pants, “and a nuisance for a Halfling Rouge “Galref” I believe, as such that is our crew and we all wanted to make some coin lets hope the cleric can aim a heal we set out on our journey soon.

Kevlamin "meat"

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