Adventure Background

You are a wet behind the ears adventurer looking for a well-paying entry level position when you find yourself recruited by an enthusiastic scholar in the general commerce hub of WHEREVER IT IS YOU’RE FROM. You soon find yourself side by side with some unruly characters you probably never would have gotten on with if it weren’t this situation.

You and your party consist of Elywyn Flibb “Flynn” A Half-elf Druid with money on her mind with her animal companion Mister Fancy Pants, Galref the Halfling Rogue with authority issues, “Rick Ross” The Dwarf Cleric with a neurotic speech pattern, Kevlamin the Human fighter who goes by “Meat” for good reason.

You and your new party have a seemingly simple task; you are to accompany said scholar on his journey to the rumored ruins of a town called Haven-Fara, said to have been founded by legendary pirate Captain Grist Haven, in an attempt to learn the hidden history of the legendary captain and his settlement, while also reclaiming his vast hoard of booty. All in the name of preservation, of course.

You and your fellow intrepid adventurers fought your way through the mildly discomforting jungles of the not quite-so great forests. At one point somebody almost startled a badger. So far it seems to be the ideal job. You don’t really do anything and eventually there is the hope of getting paid for it. However, you haven’t really bonded with your party members since the most dangerous experience you’ve shared so far was that slightly rickety bridge over the happy meadow spring creek. And actually spending so much time together with people you have almost nothing in common with has it to the point where everybody is about ready to snap. On the plus side, it looks like you’ve almost arrived at your destination and this experience will be behind you with your pockets filled with cash and at least one work reference besides babysitting for your resume.

how do you feel about spiders

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