how do you feel about spiders

Flynn- A Forward

So when you get kicked out of your woods you take what work you can get.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to get. The first town she hit was so full up with people, huge, over-sized, clumsy people she was sure she’d be able to find someone that needed something done, but it seemed everyone in the town was looking for work. So for a few days she did what she could, found some local plants and such and sold them to idiotic people for fertility and whatnot. Days went by and turned to weeks before she decided it was about time to move on. While stocking up on the few items she could afford for her journey she was discovered.

“Are you a ranger?”

Came a question from a mousy, dusty, ink-covered man. He looked excited about it. She wasn’t used to exaggerating, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

“Almost, but better. I am a druid, I’m much, much better than a ranger.”

And that got her a job.

It wasn’t a great job, but it would do. Lead the idiot man to some old stones in a far away place with a group of idiots. A man with a face like a dogs ass but worse, a dwarf with an annoying way of speaking, which was a shame since she, in general liked dwarves, and a halfling, trouble on two legs. The journey was far but not difficult, and she liked many of the places she saw (she kept notes in her head: a creek, I’d need one of those, oh, I do like that type of tree quite a lot, that purple would be stunning with a nice sage wouldn’t it?) and had found almost no problems, except that badger thing (how had a rogue startled a badger?) and that bridge that was a little old. But things were alright, she was going to get paid for doing basically nothing, and that was fine with her.



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