"Rick Ross"

Gaunt features cloaked in eye offending colors put him in plain sight wherever he goes. Were it not for this sorcerers uncanny ability to know and put himself exactly where needed he'd have been left by the wayside (or worse) ages ago.


Not a whole lot is known about this flamboyant cleric aside from the fact that his name is by all accounts Rick Ross, he is a competent although fledgling member of his wandering clergy, and that something is definitely off twixt his ears. People don’t often show much interest in getting to know him either as he has yet to find a company tolerant enough. Whether by mental compulsion or supernatural influence the words “Rick Ross” seem to make up an annoyingly large amount of his vocabulary. When asked about the particulars of his speech fixation “I got Rick Ross’d” is his staple answer. What this means is still to be determined.

His distinguishing features include a gaunt, malnourished face coupled with sunken beady eyes. However his unnatural, chipper personality gives this ghoulish appearance a death-warmed-up and slightly-pleased feel to it. In addition his left hand is a reddish pink reminding someone of a hand dipped in paint or the rash from poison oak.

((More to come))

"Rick Ross"

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