Elywyn Flibb "Flynn"

A druid who's just trying to make enough gold to buy a forest. They're expensive, you know.


Female Half-Elf Druid

Age:26 Height:5’5” Weight:130 Eyes:Green Hair:Brown Skin:Brown Alignment: CN


Str:13 Dex:15 Con:14 Int:15 Wis:16 Cha:14

HP:18 AC:15 (t:12, ff:13) Fort:5 Reflex:2 Will:6


Weapons- Dart:Attack Bonus +2 Damage:1d4

Club:Attack Bonus +1 Damage:1d6+1

Feats: Improved Initiative

Skills: Concentration, Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Heal, Knowledge:Nature, Listen, Ride, Search, Spellcraft, Spot, Survival

Abilities: Nature Sense Wild Empathy Woodland Stride Low-light vision +2 on saving throws against Enchantment Immune to sleep

Languages: Common, Elven, Druidic, Gnome, Sylvan

Other: Animal Companion: Mister Fancy Pants (Riding Dog Lv2)


Flynn was born to two races and raised by another. Abandoned as a baby and found by Gnomes who raised her in their own special ways, her race has very little meaning to her, human and elf are just words, big, however, is an uncomfortable subject.

She was quickly drawn to the woods out of instinct and trained as a druid by the gnomes. Happily she lived in their forest, mostly on her own, finding peace for the first time in her life amongst the trees. That is, until the gnome druid who’s forest it was told her to pack her bags and find her own damn grove. Her protests fell on deaf ears, and she was informed that if there weren’t any free forests around then she better just go buy one.

Annoyed but determined, she left her home for the first time in her life, off to find her fortunes so that she could get back into the goddamn woods where she belonged.

Elywyn Flibb "Flynn"

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